I am a curious and active person but have also been described as chill.


I’m usually game to try something new and have a lot of different interests, but a weekend morning finds me reading the paper and doing the crossword puzzle with a hot cup of coffee. I stay involved on a hockey team, in a book club, in a writing group, and hanging out with friends.

Jeanette hopes to become a mom through adoption

Life Lessons I’ll Teach My Kid — from personal experience ;-)


It is okay to be a beginner — everyone is at some point. I’ve taken snowboarding and cello lessons as an adult.

Embarrassment is temporary — you can fall down in front of your whole class while turning in a test and be alright (true story).

People often like you most for the things you think are weird about yourself — also, everyone’s weird.


I grew up in the suburbs of Washington, DC, and my parents were always encouraging me to go outside.

There were dozens of kids on my block and we played games, rode our bikes, and went roller skating. I look forward to teaching my child all those things I loved as a kid — like riding a bike and skating — and just doing simple things like playing catch or exploring outside.

Jeanette is a unique mix: creative, funny, and very very thoughtful. She is nurturing and incredibly strong and connects so easily with kids and animals. My daughter absolutely LOVES her in a way I have rarely seen. ~Courtney, my friend since elementary school

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