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Family is very important to me!


I am very close to my brother and his family. He and my sister-in-law are great supports and are always there to listen or give advice. My niece and two nephews are awesome, and I see them all the time. I’ll go to their house to make popcorn and watch TV, go see their recitals and games, or they'll come to my house for a sleepover, to play with the cats, or just to hang out.



With my niece & nephews

With my niece & nephews


My parents each helped me find what I love in life.

From my dad, I learned to love puzzles and reading. He read to me every night before bed, picture books and chapter books. He even made up an ongoing bedtime story about a princess who saves her village. From my mom, I learned to be creative and a little silly. She sang about the names of streets while we were driving around town. I'm excited to carry on these things with my child and instill a sense of curiosity, creativity, and fun.

Close knit family of Jeanette can't wait for her to adopt child

a few family snapshots

Jeanette hopes to become a mom through adoption


They are kind and fun and will be so excited to welcome a new child into our group. Lots of them have kids and several are adoptive parents. We get together for game nights (like in the picture to the left), dinners, hikes, and just sitting around talking. They are a diverse group of really interesting people and will be great role models for my child.

reference letters for hopeful adoptive mother

notes from my loved ones

Hopeful mom through adoption from Washington DC

A Note from my Friend

I love it when Jeanette shares funny stories and special memories about the kids in her life — her niece, nephews, former students, children that she mentors and tutors — because it is clear that she really understands kids and what makes them tick. She is a great listener. She’s someone that will celebrate with you when times are good and will offer a shoulder to cry on when you’re going through a hard time. Jeanette is warm, funny, a great friend, and she will be an amazing mother. 

  • Megan (mom of Lena, pictured LEFT)

A Note from my Niece

My aunt would be a good mom because she is the most loving, enthusiastic, easy to talk to person that I know. I can talk to my aunt about anything. She has always been there for me from supporting me in school and soccer to having sleepovers. I love spending the night at my aunt’s house. My aunt is a hard-working, independent woman and I look up to her and admire her for that.

Every year, we make homemade Thanksgiving pies together. I hope to add a third pair of little hands to the tradition. I would love to have a little cousin. It would be really cool to teach them how to play soccer. I have always told my aunt that I want to buy their first pair of cleats. Can’t wait to start babysitting!


Posing for Instagram with my niece