Welcome to My Home

I live in a cute community in the suburbs of Washington D.C.


My home is across the street from an elementary school and playground, and down the street from a grocery store, coffee shop, and library. I love to be able to walk to the library and look forward to walking there with my child someday. It’s a great neighborhood and has a nice mix of people: young families, retired folks, and everyone in between. There’s a little band of kids that plays ball, hide and seek, and other games out on the lawns.


Meet my kitties, Ollie & Tibby


ollie and tibby are the sweetest cats!

They think they are dogs. Tibby plays fetch and Ollie plays hide-and-seek. They're gentle goofballs who love belly rubs and are great with kids. (Ollie is reaching on the left and Tibby is sitting pretty on the right)

5yo w kittens.jpg


I think it’s really important that kids have pets to love and cuddle. I’ve always had pets and always will.

That’s me when I was 5 years old taking care of little kitties. —>

  • Go to museums and outdoor concerts

  • Take advantage of the parks and trails

  • Watch Washington Capitals hockey

  • Find secret markets with great doughnuts

  • Visit the library for story time