hI, I’m Jeanette

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I know you are looking for the best, loving family for your child, and I imagine it’s a hard process. I hope this site will make it even a little bit easier. Click through the pages to find out more about me and see more pics… and feel free to reach out to me anytime (info at the bottom of this page).


I have always wanted to have KIDS.

I love spending time with little ones and moved from Colorado to Maryland to be close to my niece and nephews as they are growing up. That’s us hanging out at the lake. I feel like things are more joyful, funnier, just better with kids around. And I want to open my heart and home to a little one of my own.

I’m really excited to build a family through adoption


I can't wait to share my life with a child. I will always be open with my child about adoption and look forward to talking about you and how much you want him or her to have a wonderful life.

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