work life

My work has always been about education.


I used to be a middle and high school teacher. I loved setting up the classroom as a safe space for students to get to know each other and really have fun learning.

Now, I develop lesson plans, reading guides, and activities for kids, write blogs, and generally try to make learning in and out of the classroom more engaging. I have a bachelors in psychology and a masters in education and am a consultant to several companies, organizations, and universities. I have a flexible schedule and mostly work from home, so I’ll be able to spend a lot of time with my child in the early years and be there when he or she gets home from school, later on.

  • @EmrgencyKittens

  • Hot coffee and a crossword puzzle

  • Laughing until my stomach hurts

  • Discovering binge-worthy TV shows on Netflix

  • Snow days



I love to be creative!


I like to knit and crochet. I recently learned how to crochet animals and can't wait to make a whole collection for my little one. I also like to try new recipes and especially like creative baking — making a bunny cake or homemade bread.

One of my favorite activities of the week is being a reading buddy in a Saturday program at a local elementary school. I've had the same buddy for 3+ years, since he was in kindergarten. He's super fun to read with and it's great to see his interests expand and his reading improve. 

Jeanette hopes to become a mom through adoption


1. Ice hockey
(Pictured right: My nephew
made this front yard ice rink!)

2. Tennis
3. Golf
4. Stand up paddling
5. Inline skating

Jeanette hopes to become a mom through adoption

my favorite activities