My work has always been about education.


I used to be a middle and high school teacher. I loved setting up the classroom as a safe space for students to get to know each other and really have fun learning.

Now, I develop lesson plans, reading guides, and activities for kids, write blogs, and generally try to make learning in and out of the classroom more engaging. I have a bachelors in psychology and a masters in education and am a consultant to several companies, organizations, and universities. I have a flexible schedule and mostly work from home, so I’ll be able to spend a lot of time with my child in the early years and be there when he or she gets home from school, later on.


I love to be creative!


Making stuff: I knit and crochet and recently learned how to do amigurumimaking little crochet animals. I can’t wait to make a whole collection for my little one. I like to bake, too — funny things like baking-show challenges and fancy things like croissants — and bread! You can see my latest amigurumi and cookie creation in the pics below.

One of my favorite activities of the week is being a reading buddy in a Saturday program at a local elementary school. I've had the same buddy for 3+ years, since he was in kindergarten. He's super fun to read with and it's great to see his interests expand and his reading improve. 



1. Ice hockey
2. Tennis
3. Golf
4. Stand up paddling
5. Inline skating

Jeanette hopes to become a mom through adoption

my favorite activities

  • @EmrgencyKittens

  • Coffee and a crossword puzzle

  • Laughing ‘til my stomach hurts

  • Binge-worthy Netflix shows

  • Snow days